1769 – 2019, 250 years of heritage

Many years have passed since 1769 when one of the last regents of Venice, the Doge Alvise IV of the patrician family of Mocenigo, officially recognized and attested to the excellence of the wines produced by our ancestor Giovanni Follador. In that distant era he set the destiny for the vineyards and the surrounding lands, giving rise to a story that has been handed down to the present day. Since then, we have moved forward along the trajectory our ancestor set, carrying out the constant search for qualitative excellence while promoting the territory as a whole.  We consider ourselves interpreters and ambassadors of this fabled land, and we relish our name’s contribution to its success.

We intend therefore to celebrate the magnificent milestone of these 250 years of history in the year 2019 making; with the participation of all our customers, admirers and friends. All the new bottles of our Prosecco will be accompanied by a golden stamp that commemorates this quarter-century anniversary.  There are also numerous initiatives that we will launch this year which we will keep you updated on throughout. Continue to follow us, we want to share with you all the pride and celebration of reaching this goal.

bottiglia bollino

Quality you recognized.

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