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Follador nel palmarès degli Spumanti migliori
Falstaff Magazine is a prestigious Austrian magazine specializing in food and wine, travel and lifestyle. The same title also publishes periodical publications dedicated ...
Una Limited Edition per celebrare il 250° anniversario.
To celebrate our 250th Anniversary, we have created an exclusive Limited Edition of a Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. Millesimato Brut. ...
International research by the website WineNews shows that on Instagram the tag #prosecco is the most used by Millennials when it comes to Italian wines. Another study, by the 3rdPlace Agency, looks at data collected from the biggest social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram) and from various ...
Cartizze BLOG
The name "Cartizze" indicates a wine at the top tier of quality in a DOCG; subjected to specific discipline and coming from a steep and sunny area of ​​Conegliano Valdobbiadene. The area is characterized by rocky terrain that coaxes the vine to yield limited but very high quality ...
"Go where Prosecco takes you", is the title of a recent article in the financial newspaper, Il sole 24 Ore. The article shares research showing that Prosecco is the most sought-after food and wine products appreciated by tourists visiting our country. The data is derived from Google Trends, ...
I profumi e gli aromi del Prosecco Superiore Follador
The aroma is a fundamental requirement of wine. Simple as that sounds, this is an extremely complex subject and detailed knowledge of aromatics requires study and preparation. Aromas can be classified into three groups: primary, the fruity nuances of vines and grapes; secondary, the aromas gained by fermentation ...
Primavera18 copia
We embark on the 23rd edition of “The Spring of Prosecco Superiore” as the season begins. This is the most well known and beloved enotourism event in the Veneto region. Once again this year, people will cross the Alta Marca hills to discover the small villages that dot ...
Il Veneto: un’esperienza unica
While there are numerous websites that deal with the promotion of tourism in the Veneto region, there is finally an official page dedicated to the Territory of Conegliano Valdobbiadene. A new web site called “Veneto Secrets” is described as being dedicated to “experiential tourism" Within the fascinating region ...
Success, in any sector or context will involve reactions and effects. There will be admiration, but there is also the proliferation of incorrect information. The same inevitably had to happen with the boom of Prosecco, a phenomenon that has brought Italian wine into vogue in many foreign markets ...
Carnevale copia
Soon the squares and streets of Venice will be filled with the colorful costumed masses that anually come from around the globe to celebrate Carnival, which this year will start earlier than usual on January 27th. As always, the most important events take place on Thursday and especially ...
Prosecco celebrato
The magnificent views of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene and the villages which dot the hills that make up our terroir serve as the protagonists of the film "As Long as There is Prosecco There is Hope," a film directed by Antonio Padovan based on a novel by the Venetian ...
Prosegue l’impegno
The link between environmental protection and the wellbeing of everyone are undeniably closely linked.For this reason, updating of the Viticulture Protocol for 2017 calls for rapidly and widely integrated processes to save energy for sustainable production in the territory of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG. For a long time, ...
Primavera del Prosecco 2017
The 22nd annual Spring of Prosecco Superiore is in full swing through June. This lively schedule of events attracts more than 300,000 tourists from Italy and abroad to the Conegliano Valdobbiadene. Started in 1996, this event brings together all the entities involved in the development and promotion of ...
On the vineyard calendar, ancient traditions coexist with modern methods, particularly when it comes to the core of winemaking: the thoughtful care and maintenance of the vines themselves. In April we tended to the soils so that the vines would wake up. In May, those vines have begun ...
By the end of March the vineyard pruning is finished. Now it is time to aerate the soil to prepare for the imminent arrival of spring. Before long, the branches of the seemingly dry vines will show their first buds, which will turn into sprouts and finally vines, ...
Alla National Gallery
The National Gallery in London 2017 will toast it’s first Italian artists exhibit of the year, “Michaelangelo and Sebastian” on March 15th. The exhibit is dedicated to the cooperation and friendship between the two famous painters of the sixteenth century and will be open until June 25th. We ...
la tutela del territorio
You still have time to check out the 15th International Exhibition of Architecture at the Arsenale Gardens in Venice. There pavilions and events planned throughout the lagoon city until Sunday, November 27, 2016. This year’s title is: "Reporting from the front," a challenging subject which aims to show ...
Carnevale di Venezia
From February 11th till the 28th, the squares and the streets of Venice will be animated by the beautiful masks, vibrant colors and the bright lights of the annual celebration of Carnival. Every year this event attracts thousands of people to the lagoon city. Visitors are driven by ...
If we are loyal to the calendar, February is still a winter month. Still, after the long cold months of December and January, we are all eagerly waiting for the spring awakening, and we are surprised to already be seeing early signs. The vineyards, recently trimmed back during ...
Gennaio, tempo di potatura invernale
During the whole of 2017, each month we will tell you what’s happening in our vineyards and in the winery. We start now with winter pruning, which is the important work that takes place in the cold days of January. After the harvest, the warm autumn hues of ...

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