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Competition Begins
Today sees the launch of #FolladorAt5 Instagram competition, an exclusive opportunity to win a bottle of divine Follador Prosecco simply by following @proseccowines on instagram and posting a picture! The aim is straightforward; just take a photo on Instagram that you believe sums up the essence of special ...
La Regione Veneto
We often mention the Veneto Region in our blog articles and posts, but what exactly does this refer to? Veneto is one of the most productive, developed and modern regions of Italy, with a great deal of its kudos deriving from the production of Prosecco and the Prosecco ...
Prosecco e Champagne
What is the difference between Prosecco and Champagne? Are they similar in any way? Should they even be compared? Well first of all the similarities; both wines come from Europe, are effervescent, and tend toward a dry rather than sweet flavor. However there are a lot more differences ...
Follador Winery is located in Col San Martino and we love to welcome connoisseurs of Valdobbiadene Superiore, Prosecco enthusiasts and wine tasting novices to our wonderful winery, for that very reason we have created a special tasting room to welcome guests; however there is so much more to ...
Prosecco DOC & DOCG: Gusto e stile
So what is it that makes Treviso Prosecco just so stylish and tasteful? Is it the area of growth, the types of grapes, or the high class production system used by Follador Prosecco? Well, the answer is, probably a combination of all 3 of these things! Traditionally Prosecco ...
Col San Martino
Finally, after months of detailing the towns and villages along the Conegliano - Valdobbiadene Prosecco route, we have reached Col San Martino! Home of Follador Prosecco Winery, which is located in the south of the village, and our personal favourite stop off point! Col San Martino is lies ...
Along with sampling and tasting, Sparkling Prosecco has its own terminology and glossary, some of which applies to both wine and Prosecco, and parts which are unique to Prosecco! The word 'Prosecco' itself is applied to this specific type of wine and the grape that it is produced ...
Doge Alvise IV Mocenigo
The Follador family history is steeped in the ancestry and development of Prosecco Superiore, this is partly thanks to the Doge of Venice, Alvise IVº Mocenigo, who, in 1769, granted Giovanni Follador the prestigious Wine Quality Award. Doge Alvise IV Mocenigo was born in Venice , May ...
With a view to completely appreciating the distinctions and subtleties in Prosecco wine, over the past few months we have looked at the detailing behind successful wine and Prosecco tasting; using the senses available to explore and identify wine and perceive the slightest nuances in the intricacies. ...
La Strada del Vino Bianco
We have written about the Prosecco route which goes from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene on many occasions now, but for how long has the Prosecco wine route been seen as a pilgrimage for Prosecco connoisseurs? Originally called 'La Strada del Vino Bianco (meaning The road of White wine) ...
Prosecco D.O.C. & D.O.C.G.
In our regular blog we often use the terminology Prosecco D.O.C. and Prosecco D.O.C.G. The 2 sets of abbreviations have very different meanings and are extremely important to the production and classification of Prosecco. D.O.C .stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata (controlled designation of origin) and is ...
La potatura delle viti
With the start of 2014 there has been some important work going head in the Follador Prosecco Vineyards. It is the time of the year for the pruning process to start. This is an extremely important and essential part of the grape development and must be undertaken before ...
Degustazione: il Gusto
In our wine tasting series so far we have looked at colour and how to identify the exact hue and appearance of your Prosecco or wine, and learnt how to swirl and smell. All of this should have left you eager to taste, with an idea forming in ...
Prosecco in the News
Welcome back to our regular round up of Prosecco news and what is happening in the world of wine! One of our favourite articles this month heralds the delights of Prosecco and praises the rise in popularity of Prosecco Valdobbiadene. Prosecco is Majestic Wines (a leading UK wine ...
Festa Della Salute
The Festa Della Salute is the feast day of the Presentation of the Virgin and take place on the 21st November each year. This authentically Venetian festival is one of the least commercial of the Italian festivals and evokes strong religious worship and celebration throughout the city; thousands ...
As we all know, Prosecco Wine is protected as a DOCG within Italy, as Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore, and the reason Prosecco is so refreshing, light and aromatic is thanks to the grapes grown within this protected area. But what is the history of these grapes and what is ...
After leaving Refrontolo the next town on our Prosecco Route is Solighetto. Although it is not strictly a town or village (it is officially classed as hamlet) there is still a great deal to see historically, architecturally and of course from a Prosecco perspective! Solighetto's main agricultural yield ...
La Festa dei Marroni
The start of November not only signals the start of the Christmas countdown, it also sees the end of the end of the Combai Chesnut Festival in Treviso! This annual festival is one of the most popular food celebrations in the Veneto region, where over 3 weeks the ...
risotto al tartufo
In light of the popularity of truffle hunting and fairs in Italy during the months of October and November we have decided that this months recipe should be a delicious truffle risotto. What else has the same essence of Italian luxury and sophistication as follador prosecco and truffles! ...
Follador e il Prosecco DOCG
As regular visitors to our site know, there is so much more to prosecco than being a ‘sparkling wine’. There are many different varietals which all add their own distinctive senses to the drink in developing the perfect prosecco valdobbiadene. Prosecco is mainly produced as a sparkling wine ...

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