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'Dolcetto o scherzetto?!' (trick or treat?) Halloween in Italy is a relative newcomer to the Italian festival scene. It is only in the past couple of decades that children in Italy have been dressing up in scary costumes, filling themselves with pumpkin risotto and porcini mushrooms and playing ...
5 verità sul Prosecco
So, how much do you know about Follador Prosecco? here are 5 tantalising titbits to remember about us while enjoying a glass of Prosecco Superiore. 1. The story of Follador Prosecco started in 1769 when Giovanni Follador received the Wine Quality Award from the Doge of Venice, ...
World Pasta Day
Which food is as Italian as the drink Prosecco DOC? Pasta of course! The 25th October sees the celebration of this truly Italian food! Since 1995 World Pasta Day has been celebrated across the globe to demonstrate the uniqueness of pasta as a food. It is consumed ...
Truffle Fairs
During the months of October and November truffle fairs are big business in Italy. Truffles are oddly shaped, warty looking fungi, but at the same time are one of the worlds most luxurious and prized delicacies, so something that works well with Follador Prosecco! There are two main ...
Strada di degustazione del Prosecco: IV
The next stage on our tour of the towns and villages of the Prosecco Tasting Trail brings us to Refrontolo; home to approximately 1,800 inhabitants and with the patron saint of Santa Margherita. The territory of Refrontolo extends between a succession of hills with scenic prosecco ...
Pasta fresca
Our Bottle of the Month Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso Brut is an excellent accompaniment to light pasta dishes. With this in mind, and looking forward to World Pasta Day on the 25th October Follador Prosecco wanted to tell you how to make your very own pasta! Ingredients: ...
Follador e il Prosecco DOCG
For those evenings spent around the table, sipping on your favourite bottle of Follador Prosecco, here are 5 trivia facts, to amuse and interest your friends and dinner guests! 1.The history of Prosecco goes right back to ancient Rome. Pliny the Elder, the Roman writer describes Pucinum wine ...
Bottiglia del Mese
This month sees the final bottle in our regular Bottle of the Month series, and what a better way to end than with the Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso Brut. Taken from our classic range of Follador Prosecco this well structured and fine sparkling wine is made with ...
La degustazione
After looking at colour and identifying the exact hue and appearance of your wine, the next stage in wine tasting is to swirl and then smell! The swirling of the glass releases the wine's aromas to the top edge of the glass and mixes with the air, ...
Strada di degustazione del Prosecco Nr. 3
After leaving the little village of Collabrigio the next phase of the Prosecco tasting trail heads towards San Pietro di Feletto. On the way you pass though Rua di San Pietro di Feletto, home to a 17th-century Camaldolese hermitage, now the town hall. This building dates ...
Venice Film Festival
The Venice Film Festival (Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica della Biennale di Venezia) is the worlds oldest and most esteemed celebration of film and is as much a part of Italy as Prosecco and pasta! The festival is an illustrious and important piece of Italy's history, with an ...
Ricetta del mese
September's Bottle of the Month is Cabernet Montello E Colli Asolani D.O.C. ‘Ca Dei Noni’ Riserva. and in keeping with this our monthly Italian recipe is Costolette di Cervo or 'venison ribs'. Ingredients: 6 good quality venison chops; 250ml white wine (or fruit vinegar); ...
News dalla Cantina
Here at the Follador Winery we are about to enter our busiest, most exciting and favourite time of the Prosecco making year; the grape - harvest! The grape - harvest takes place between the end of September and the start of October due to the ideal temperature and ...
Regata Storica
The Regata Storica takes place on the 1st September in Venice and is the most spectacular and moving event in the annual "Voga alla Veneta" rowing calendar. Although the main event is the actual race, this event is well known for its pre-race procession up the Grand Canal, ...
Bottle of the Month
It is the start of September and it is time for our regular Bottle of the Month. To see us towards the end of summer we are detailing our Cabernet Montello E Colli Asolani D.O.C. 'Ca Dei Noni' Riserva. The development of this ambrosial drink is ...
Fondazione Vialli
September 16th 2013 will take place the Pro Am Vialli and Mauro Golf Cup. Played on Monday just three days before the Italian open, the Vialli and Mauro Golf Cup is the most glamorous, exclusive, competitive Pro‐Am in the Country. Stars from the European tour, football legends and ...
Metodi di fermentazione
When it comes to the production of sparkling wines there are 2 different methods that result in 2 very different tastes; the Charmat Method and the Classic (or Traditional) Method. Although there are many variations in specific processes most sparkling wines use one of these methods for secondary ...
il colore
There are 5 definitive steps to tasting wine, which can be identified as 5 basic observations and activities: Color, Swirl, Smell, Taste, and Savor. This week we will be focusing on colour. Now we are not just talking about whether it is red, white or rose; there is ...
The next stage along the Prosecco Route after Conegliano brings you, via the beautiful vistas of the surrounding hills, to Collabrigo. This little village is situated on the first hills to the west after Conegliano, only 2km out of the city centre, and one of the many surprising ...
Ricetta del mese
As our ‘Bottle of the Month’ is Chardonnay Dei Colli Trevigiani, our chosen recipe for August is this very easy but very sophisticated Anchovy, Sardine and Garlic dip. The fish in this appetizer is the perfect accompaniment to our full-bodied chardonnay and whets the appetite before ...

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