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Palio di Siena
August 16th means that Follador Prosecco will be sitting down with a glass of Prosecco Superiore to watch the second installment of this years 'Palio di Siena'! This historical horse race originated in the the medieval period when the Siena central square (Piazza del Campo) was host to ...
Wine tasting is the art of using the senses to discover and appreciate wine. Using the basic senses one can learn to perceive the slightest nuances in the taste and aroma of wine and begin to appreciate the origin and journey from the grape to the finished the ...
Bottiglia del mese
August's 'Bottle of the Month' is our Chardonnay Dei Colli Trevigiani. This full bodied and elegant wine comes from the Follador Family vineyards in the area of Montello and Prosecco dei Colli Trevigiani - Veneto Region. These vineyards were strategically purchased in the early days of the family ...
News dalla Cantina
We are now entering the month of August and at Follador Prosecco our vineyards are very busy and productive. At this time of the month we are ‘peeling and shearing the screw’. The peeling is the cutting, trimming and shortening of the green shoots. This is applied to ...
Shakespeare in Love
Did you know that there are some theorists who believe that Shakespeare was Italian in origin? It is thought that his name was Crollanza or Scrollalanza ("shake-speare") and that he moved to London from Sicily. Although we are unsure of the truth behind this rumour (the theory only ...
Welcome to our new series; towns and villages along the Prosecco Trail. Although we have previously indicted our readers about the route the trail takes, we are now going to look more closely at the towns and villages that line the way and their associated winerys. Each month ...
British Museum
Thanks to Pliny the Elder, the famous Roman writer, we can trace the Prosecco grape to the Pucinum wine of ancient Rome. Pucino was described as one of the great wines at the tables of esteemed Romans, and believed drinking it gave them longevity! Pliny the Elder ...
Orient – Express
Last week we had some very special guests at our winery, the staff from the Venice Simplon – Orient – Express! As you know, from April 2013 April Prosecco Treviso D.O.C. Extra Dry has been the ‘pouring’ sparkling wine on the train. This was our chance to show ...
Following 'bud break' and the 'bloom of the vine', the Follador Prosecco vineyard is entering the "SETTING" time for the grapes. This is the initiation of flower ovary development. It is during this stage of development that the grapevines are pollinated and fertilised, resulting in the start of ...
Bottiglia del Mese 9
We are now in July and summer is really hitting its stride! With this in mind, this month we are going to share the delights of Valdobbiadene Superiore Di Cartizze D.O.C.G Millesimato. This is the final bottle that makes up the quartet of our Prosecco - Superior range. ...
'Exclusive Brands' Night' in Budapest organized by Vinopolis, our distributer in Hungary. During the event a jewelry company exhibited combined with a fashion show, moreover, Mercedes organized test driving for the guests. (of course, before tasting prosecco..!) Fashion, beauty and charm along with the elegant bubbles of ...
Estate in Musica
One of the many things Italy is famous for (alongside Prosecco DOCG of course!) is its music, and opera music in particular, who hasn’t heard of Puccini’s Tosca or Las Scala Opera House? In summer, music in Italy comes into its own Here are our top 3 most ...
Sagre di San Giovanni
June 24th marks another of Italy's famous festivals. Today is the day of San Giovanni Battista and is a public holiday in many parts of Italy. The day celebrates the life of John the Baptist who is the patron saint of Florence. In Florence the traditional medieval festival ...
Pairing Wine and Food (II)
Last month we wrote about wine pairings and food, and how this can affect the perfect meal. This month we have a little more detail on which pairings don’t work, despite what you have been led to believe! Mis-match: Wine and food mismatching commonly occurs when eating out. ...
Virtual Wine con il Superiore
“Conegliano Valdobbiadene Academy”: the first online school for Prosecco Superiore Our Valdobbiadene Conegliano Consortium has presented a project of outstanding educational value: its first Conegliano Valdobbiadene Academy course. It is a virtual tool with the goal of raising awareness about the culture of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore ...
duty free
World of Patria have selected a range of premium Proseccos that best showcase the attributes of one of the most distinguished Italian winemakers. Rob Nichols, Managing Director, ...

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