DOC/G Explained
DOC is a Italian quality assurance designation for wine and food. To receive this label, a product must adhere to quality assurance rules as well as the location defined in the rules.

There are 2 core standards

  • DOC — Denominazione di Origine Controllata
  • DOCG – Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita

The “garantita” (Guarantee) is more stringent and was established when the DOC denomination increased the value of restricted areas where the slopes are steep, thus forcing vineyards to do all vine work by hand.

The standards of DOCG are very similar to DOC for recognition purposes, but are qualitatively different. DOCG requires government licensed personnel to taste wines prior to bottling with a unique government seal.

Prosecco Superiore DOCG
In 1969 Prosecco was classified DOC. In mid 2009, regulations were revised to clearly state that Prosecco was no longer classified as a “type of vine” but a region that was clearly delimited and known as the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene area.

This historic step recognised and formalised the quality of the Prosecco sparkling wines.

Regulations are extremely strict:

  • All grapes must come exclusively from vineyards in the defined area.
  • Quality of production must adhere strictly to the established rules.
  • All production and bottling may ONLY be carried out in the cellars of the province of Treviso.
  • All bottles must carry a unique government seal.

A by-product of this upgrading is that other wines produced in the area formerly called Prosecco IGT, Colli Trevigiani, within the province of Treviso, have had their status promoted to PROSECCO DOC TREVISO, since these grapes come from a region of great viticultural knowledge and skills, with the climate and soil needed to ensure the highest quality products.

Quality you recognized.

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