Follador in Kazakhstan

The number of new markets that discover the irresistible quality and taste of Prosecco constantly increases, thanks to the promotional activities by the Consortium and the efforts of individual producers. While Prosecco has been known and loved for some time in European countries, there are many exciting export markets opening up such as  Central America and North-Eastern Europe. But now, new opportunities are also being cultivated in the middle east in countries like Kazakhstan, which is a large transcontinental country straddling Europe and Asia. In fact, Follador now has the privilege of being distributed there thanks to the collaboration agreement with the importer Raimbek Group. In Kazakhstan, Italian products are becoming very popular and appreciated, likely  thanks to the proliferation of shops that have made Italian food and wine known to the Kazakhs. One example of this beingthe Parmigiano restaurant in Almaty, the country’s most populous and vibrant city, which is now a Follador flagship store. Kazakhstan enjoys widespread prosperity and consumers are extremely receptive to the charm of Made in Italy, as is always the case in countries with an emerging economy. People look for certified quality products that can be seen as a status symbol- and that is a role that Follador Prosecco fits very well. We are proud of our active participation in this great success story and aware of our role of being ambassadors in the world of Italian excellence.


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