Follador’s commitment to environmental sustainability

The link between environmental protection and the wellbeing of everyone are undeniably closely linked.For this reason, updating of the Viticulture Protocol for 2017 calls for rapidly and widely integrated processes to save energy for sustainable production in the territory of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG. For a long time, Follador has adhered to this model of development, engaging in respect for the environment and applying energy saving to the production of its wines.

Specifically, the Company is the reuses hot water from the process of feeding some machines, which rather than throwing it away, is used in the bottling process to raise the temperature of the bottles coming out of zero degrees from the bottling phase. It’s an important step for the glass to be homogeneously cleaned and to allow proper label application.

This simple step saves us both water and energy, both goods that are becoming more and more precious, especially in this year of extended drought. Mountain water systems have been in place, but business processes have to be set up to encourage recycling of as much water as possible.

Prosegue l’impegno

All Terroir producers are committed to making cultivation practices more sustainable, because they know how important it is to preserve the environmental qualities that make the area unique. These same commitments must now be applied to production techniques, so as to preserve the beauty and charm of our winemaking region which among other things, anchors a flourishing wine and food tourism destination.

An international high-end company such as Follador can not underestimate the importance of sustainability and how important it is in the northern European markets, primarily Anglo-Saxon. To maintain and consolidate Prosecco’s success, it is therefore essential that all manufacturers make this commitment with determination and sensitivity.

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