The growth projections of the Territory: the analysis of the Sole24ore

A highlight from the data recently published by the economic newspaper Sole24Ore, the growth trend of Prosecco is projected for the two-year period 2020 / 2021. It is clear that the Territory continues to represent a platform for success- particularly with well managed resources. This is all the more true for Conegliano Valdobbiadene, where the various producers of Prosecco have managed to establish themselves with passion and tenacity, and respect for common ground.

Companies have played the right cards, focusing on product excellence, consolidating their presence in both the domestic and foreign markets, refining managerial skills and effectively promoting the values expressed by the Territory.

The Sole24Ore article highlights the 50% increase in sales in France, a country on which the Follador company is also focusing today. With a 17% increase in exports, Prosecco dominates in 2019 as the Italian wine most appreciated and consumed abroad, where traditional markets, such as that represented by the Anglo-Saxon countries, are witnessing the establishment and growth of Prosecco in completely new markets. There is also a marked increase in Asian countries, where Follador is firmly present. For example in Thailand we have been growing the market for the past ten years.

Both the individual companies and the consortium must be constantly engaged in promoting the Territory and its many values, in order to ensure that Conegliano Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. is increasingly perceived as a source of excellence.

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