‘Notte Bianca’ in Costa Rica with Bottega Italiana

‘Bottega Italiana’, the exclusive distributor of Follador wines in Costa Rica, organized a non-profit charity event to held in the capital San José. It was a unique event called “Notte Bianca” or ‘White Night’ and is dedicated to promotion and education about the great culinary traditions of our country.

The expression ‘Notte Bianca’ White Night has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon in which various cities select a night in the first weekend for an all-night opportunity to socialize. Shops remain open, public transport services remain operational and people have the chance to go out and socialize at unusual times. The first real White Night is considered the one held in Paris in 2002, since then it’s been repeated every year.

At the event organized by Bottega Italia in San José, participants were asked to dress all in white, the result being an impressive and bright get-together where people tossed aside their cares and enjoyed music, songs and dances. An opportunity to get together and to share our values of style and conviviality in a city so far away makes us proud. The value of Made in Italy is a value we are at Follador proud to serve as ambassadors to the world.


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The quality of the grapes harvested is excellent; the climate was lenient and favorable, as evidenced by the fragrant bouquet of the musts, also good from an analytical point of view. 2020 was a particular and difficult year in many regards, but this magnificent harvest rewards us and gives us optimism for the future.

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