Pairing Wine and Food (II)


Last month we wrote about wine pairings and food, and how this can affect the perfect meal. This month we have a little more detail on which pairings don’t work, despite what you have been led to believe!Wine and food Pairing chart

Mis-match: Wine and food mismatching commonly occurs when eating out. You choose a wine you like and then a food you like, without thinking about the pairing; then you are in the tricky area of everything not tasting ‘quite right’. An easily avoidable situation!

A Heavy Head: This is easily created when going all out for the richest and sweetest of food. Think that chocolate gateaux and red wine is a good idea? The combination of sugar overload and alcohol is sure to lead to a sore head.

Taste Sensation By choosing an over powering wine and an overpowering food you can cause a loss of taste on the palate. A rich wine and a rich sauce for example will leave you not being able to taste much at all rather than appreciating them both.

Acid Attack: High alcohol and high acid foods combined with high fat foods cal lead to an overdose of acidity on the stomach, leading to a lack of appreciation for that rich, mascarpone based dish you were so looking forward to!

Luckily sparkling wines are  the perfect accompaniment for a large variety of food and meals, as the refreshing bubbles and light taste act as a palate cleanser, so there is no need to think too much about Follador Prosecco, except of course which bottle to choose!

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