The bouquet and aroma of Prosecco Superiore Follador

The aroma is a fundamental requirement of wine. Simple as that sounds, this is an extremely complex subject and detailed knowledge of aromatics requires study and preparation. Aromas can be classified into three groups: primary, the fruity nuances of vines and grapes; secondary, the aromas gained by fermentation processes; and third, the aromas imparted by processes of ageing. Distinguishing the three takes a highly trained nose that can catch even the less pronounced nuances.
Professor Luigi Moio, one of the leading experts on the subject, delves into the aromatic, biochemical and sensory aspects of oenological products in a book recently presented at the G. B. Cerletti Wine School in Conegliano, entitled “The Breath of Wine“.
But why is the aroma so important? Because, as the author himself states in his essay: “Bouquet is the most important and fascinating part of wine, wine communicates through perfume. It communicates the territories, communicates the grape varieties, communicates the places where the people behind the wine are born. 
I profumi e gli aromi del Prosecco Superiore Follador
As for Prosecco, the aromas are essentially fruity with a predominance of green apple, pear, citrus, tropical fruit, peach and floral aromas such as wisteria and rose petals.It’s a freshness and complexity of fragrances that we find throughout the range of Follador Superiore DOCG, whose character derives from the Glera grapes grown in Conegliano Valdobbiadene, a territory with a strong culture of local identity.
The particular olfactory intensity of our Proseccos is also due to the exclusive vinification method we use which was developed by Gianfranco Follador, a pioneer of cold maceration for glera grapes.

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