UNESCO: the Conegliano Valdobbiadene hills are a world heritage site.

The date was 7 July 2019, and it was a historical one for Conegliano Valdobbiadene: UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, during its meeting in Azerbaijan, declared the hills of Prosecco a World Heritage Site. Now our land joins the list of sites worthy of protection and safeguarding due to the uniqueness of their cultural landscape. 

The entire nomination process lasted ten years, culminating in the presentation of a written nomination dossier that convinced the Committee, this was drawn up by a specially created technical-scientific committee and was presented at a press conference in 2016, at which all the local authorities and representatives from the Consorzio di tutela (Protection Consortium) for Prosecco DOCG were present.

Certain well-respected journalists suggested that the positive decision was also influenced by a captivating video, just two minutes in duration but it really captured the best of the area: the hills, sometimes gentle sometimes steep, the ancient villages, the breathtaking landscapes and the Torri di Credazzo (Credazzo Towers), beneath which a section of the Follador family vineyard extends. Some images document the “heroic harvesting”, a typical and exclusive characteristic of this DOCG; all distinctive features which had already been inspected and verified by technicians and observers appointed to evaluate the suitability of the nomination and its adherence to the necessary requirements.

Prosecco is the product of the skilful combination of traditional viticulture techniques and the most innovative vinification processes, such as the Metodo Gianfranco Follador®, a registered trademark of our company. As producers we have always firmly believed in the uniqueness of the landscape that surrounds us, and we fully embrace and share the wave of enthusiasm generated by this recognition, an additional, prestigious confirmation of the excellence that this territory has come to represent.

Once assigned, the UNESCO inscription only entails the conservation and protection of the site’s original characteristics as well as its continuous promotion: a commitment that has always been shared by the Follador company, located right in the heart of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, along with the area’s other companies that contribute to the international success of Prosecco.

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The quality of the grapes harvested is excellent; the climate was lenient and favorable, as evidenced by the fragrant bouquet of the musts, also good from an analytical point of view. 2020 was a particular and difficult year in many regards, but this magnificent harvest rewards us and gives us optimism for the future.

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