An History Of Excellence
Follador Prosecco

Tradition and innovation come together perfectly to carry on a wine culture that has been handed down for 9 generations, preserving its historical values and enriching it with cutting-edge technologies and methods. Discover our prestigious lines of prosecco, from the most established to the youngest, for a 360° taste experience. These are the fruits of an extraordinary land.

Follador Prosecco
The Estate

Nestled in the heart of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, the Follador Family vineyards flourish, benefitting from the harmonious interplay of a temperate climate and the unique mineral composition of the terroir's soil. Our innovative cultivation methods further enhance these natural elements, resulting in the creation of an outstanding Prosecco. Exhibiting a perfect balance, our Prosecco is characterized by its fruity and fragrant profile, boasting an intense bouquet of aromas.

holding nani dei bertie prosecco bottle.
Follador Prosecco
Our Wines

Gianfranco has been able to carry on with great passion and excellence, the priceless values of his ancestors. He has developed a revolutionary method in the world of sparkling wine, deposited to protect his exclusivity. The Gianfranco Follador Method ™, which bears his name, involves precise and well-studied steps that give the final product an incomparable quality, appreciated even by the most demanding connoisseurs. An innovative and highly performing system that allows us to obtain sparkling wines of great character.

255 years of history
Our Heritage

Since 1769, the Follador family has honoured tradition and passion, dating back to Giovanni Follador receiving the Wine Quality Award from Doge Alvise IV Mocenigo of Venice. This legacy has set the benchmark for Italian wines, crafted with meticulous care and devotion. The shift toward sparkling wines came under the guidance of Gianfranco Follador, the direct descendant of Giovanni.

black and white historic photograph of Follador workers in vineyards