Follador Prosecco
The History

As one of the original families in the Valdobbiadene area to move into the sparkling arena, Gianfranco, along with his wife Italia, has continued a tradition of quality, passion and wine-making excellence. Follador’s Prosecco lines are the hallmark of great sparkling wines. Offering tiny, persistent bubbles, full-bodied flavor and a fine, dry finish, they are the result of superior wine-making skills that has been passed down for more than 2 centuries.

Follador Prosecco
Follador Today

Gianfranco has managed to share his passion for wine and his tenacious belief in working exclusively for quality to the whole family: Italia Rossi (his wife) and their four children Michele, Mariacristina, Francesca and Emanuela, who have inherited this belief and turned it into a principle of life. Neither stuck in the past nor daunted by modernity, they’ve quietly gone about marrying traditional vineyard cultivation with the latest production techniques to create wines that are highly respected among their peers. Gianfranco’s wife, Italia Libera, known by everyone as Rita, brings her joie de vivre, strong-will and managerial skills to the very heart of Follador. Her strong managerial skills and her radiance make her a point of reference for everyone who comes at Follador, she is a continuous source of inspiration for collaborators and all her family.

Gianfranco and his wife Italia Rossi
the follador family
Follador Prosecco
Our Promise

As the next generation of Follador family wine makers, we bear the responsibility of upholding a tradition and reputation of producing superior wines. As one of the oldest wine-making families of the area, we take this responsibility seriously and offer our promise to you that we will continue to make outstanding wines with the same degree of love, passion and care passed down to us from our forefathers.

Michelle Follador
Innovation & Production Manager at Follador Prosecco

Michele Follador

Michele advances the family legacy with a focus on innovation and technological evolution in the oenological sector. He oversees the development of new techniques and technologies aimed at consistently enhancing the quality of our grapes and wines. The introduction of the Gianfranco Follador Method ™, inspired by his insight, marked a turning point in our sparkling wine production.

Sales & Marketing Manager at Follador Prosecco

Cristina Follador

Cristina Follador embodies the dynamism and international image of Follador Prosecco. From the outset, she has been dedicated to promoting our oenological excellence, both nationally and internationally, highlighting the company's values and the importance of our heritage through innovative communication strategies.

Cristina Follador
Tini del vino
Enologist at Follador Prosecco

Francesca Follador

Francesca Follador, inheritor of a profound oenological knowledge and a natural aptitude for wine tasting and analysis, honed her skills with a degree from the prestigious "G.B. Cerletti" School of Oenology in Conegliano. As the quality control lead, Francesca ensures every product maintains the distinctive effervescence and freshness that characterize our wines.

Administration Manager at Follador Prosecco

Emanuela Follador

Emanuela Follador combines decisiveness and strategic insight in managing the financial and administrative aspects of Follador Prosecco. Her leadership is pivotal in overseeing back office operations and ensuring business processes run smoothly. Blessed with a keen aesthetic sense, Emanuela plays a key role in the design projects for product packaging, significantly contributing to our products' visual identity.

Emanuela Follador