255 Years In The Making

Two and a half centuries, 255 years. Many years have passed since 1769, when one of the last rulers of Venice, Doge Alvise IV of the noble House of Mocenigo, recognised and attested the quality of the wines produced by our ancestor Giovanni Follador who, all those years ago, decided to convert all the land he owned into vineyards, heralding the beginning of a story which continues to this day. The winemaking techniques used by our ancestor enhanced the quality of the wine, so it was head and shoulders above the wines of the other producers, prompting the highest local authority to award him the acknowledgement that was both symbolic and highly significant. It was 1769, the year that marked the beginning of our history and the origin of our roots. Our development since then has been linear and coherent, in our ongoing pursuit of excellence and promotion of a territory we are one of the main players and ambassadors of.

Follador Prosecco
Gianfranco Follador Method ™

We promise a wine experience that exceeds even the most discerning tastes, thanks to our exclusive Gianfranco Follador Method ™. This unique approach involves precise steps in the initial winemaking phase.

At Follador, innovation is our tradition. We were the pioneers in Valdobbiadene to embrace the Krios system. This cutting-edge method uses specialized equipment to transport freshly crushed grapes. The process includes a significant temperature reduction, minimizing the oxidizing impact of oxygen.